In 2001, Nick Noyes and Amanda Young Hickman partnered to form Insight Experience. With experience in both business strategy and leadership development, they were passionate about the potential of business simulations to help leaders learn and grow. However, they felt a critical piece of the puzzle was missing. While there were offerings that taught business acumen and strategy, none of them truly integrated the interpersonal skills that are so critical to successful leadership.

Nick and Amanda worked with a team of experts who had both technical and business know-how to create a new generation of simulation-based learning experiences and experiential learning activities that include hard (financial) and soft (interpersonal) skills. They then integrated these proprietary simulation tools into larger experiential learning programs that could be easily tailored to fit various requirements.

Organizations immediately embraced these new learning experiences and the holistic approach they provided. Chevron Corporation, for example still utilizes the business simulation we created for them in 2002. Today, clients worldwide use ourĀ experiential learning activities and solutions to help leaders at all organizational levels gain insight through experience.