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When a Custom Program is the Right Solution

If your organization has a unique business model, is responding to specific environmental shifts or wants to address distinct cultural or leadership challenges, you could invest in the development of a custom business simulation and program.

A custom simulation can mirror your environment, your strategies, your organization, your culture, and your challenges.

Learning outcomes addressed by Insight Experience custom solutions developed for individual clients:

Understanding and Alignment How to maintain understanding and alignment during large organizational or strategic change
Proactively Develop How to make the white space between functions visible as teams identify when to work together and when to work autonomously
Support Culture Change How to support culture change during a merger, acquisition, or rapid growth
Integrate How to integrate new teams and disciplines while transitioning business models
Modify Strategy How to modify strategy during environmental shifts in an industry
Adjust Reporting How to adjust the application of financial reporting and market dynamics for organizations with unique or complex financial models

IE Custom Development Process


Our designers and developers use our unique ART methodology to understand your unique needs and design and develop a program for your leaders. We leverage a library of existing leadership scenarios and integrated business dynamics to create a custom experience quickly and cost-effectively.


When working with our clients to deliver a custom product, we begin our artful design process by thoughtfully researching your leadership issues and development opportunities to best understand the root cause. Once we understand your leadership needs, we work with you to craft a leadership development program end to end with ample opportunities for application and connection.

For examples of custom work we have done in the past, review the case studies below.

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