Robust Facilitation

Robust facilitators lead development experiences and discussions to maximize learning and engagement.


What is Robust Facilitation?

Robust facilitators create the environment for group learning. They guide conversation, highlight key points, ensure that all voices are heard, and reinforce the connection between a learning session and back on the job.  Simulation facilitators bring the “story” of a team’s decisions to life; helping learners see the connection between inputs and outputs.

The combination of Insight Experience’s business simulations and robust facilitation creates a unique and high-value experience for learners.  Our facilitators are seasoned, engaging, and focused on participants’ leadership development.


A Robust Facilitator:

IE_Icon_Business-Acumen_Operate Understands your business challenges and opportunities
scalableimg3 Connects to your learners
Icon_Sim-Features_Compare Manages energy and pace
IE_Icon_Business-Acumen_Operate Brings learning home and connects it to participants’ realities
scalableimg3 Engages learners and elicits their input and ideas
Icon_Sim-Features_Compare Creates an enjoyable, memorable learning experience

What Makes Insight Experience Facilitation Unique?


Participant Centric

  • IE’s facilitators are passionate about your participants’ learning. They strive to understand where participants are in their own leadership journey and tailor the conversation to enable/elevate it.
  • Participants often say that the Insight Experience program was their best training experience ever


  • IE’s facilitators challenge learners to “do the work” of learning, asking the thoughtful questions that push participants to think and apply concepts to their own roles, issues, and environments.
  • IE facilitators “show”, rather than “tell", providing data, information, and perspectives to encourage learners to formulate conclusions.


  • IE facilitation is anything but “canned.” Our facilitators use their experience to respond in the moment to the needs of participants and the organization.
  • IE facilitators dynamically synthesize participant conversations with the content and leadership messages, connecting learning points and creating “ah ha moments”.  

Able to Connect to Your Business

  • IE’s facilitators reinforce the key messages and concepts from your leadership speakers throughout the program or session.
  • By integrating your models, assessments, values, and culture, IE facilitators tailor discussions, integrating your core themes with the simulation learning. 

What Makes Someone a Robust Facilitator?

A robust facilitator brings multiple perspectives to the role. They know the content but they are agile and trained to guide learning in the room rather than lecture or tell. The Insight Experience team are Seasoned Facilitators and Seasoned Business Leaders.  
Here’s what that means they bring to your learning program:

Seasoned Business Leaders

  • Credible:  Real world business experience as operational leaders and consultants for Fortune 500 Companies, non-profits, and government agencies.
  • Relevant: Ability to weave pertinent, curated stories and examples from their own experiences into curriculum and spontaneous discussions arising from the material.
  • Role Models: Regularly demonstrate aspirational and inclusive leadership behaviors (e.g., big picture thinking, balance, awareness of tradeoffs, and transparency) during each session.
  • Educated: Strong educational backgrounds in a variety of disciplines, and more importantly, lifelong students of leadership, management, coaching, and adult learning.

Seasoned Facilitators

  • IE facilitators have wide-ranging group facilitation experience, using multiple facilitation methodologies for groups of 8 to 800.
  • IE facilitators have broad virtual facilitation experience and are able to incorporate virtual techniques, working with multiple platforms. Many are certified virtual facilitators.
  • IE facilitators have a unique lens into how leaders of Fortune 500 companies think, because they’ve witnessed so many examples of senior leaders in action. They incorporate this lens into their facilitation and stories they tell.
  • IE facilitators understand the breadth of challenges corporate leaders face, both internally and from the market. 

How We Support Client Facilitators



Train the Trainer

  • Want to leverage your own team as business simulation program facilitators? Insight Experience can partner with your team to complete a train-the-trainer series. Train-the-trainer typically involves observation of an Insight Experience facilitator, an in-house dry run, followed by a supported delivery. Train the trainer might be right for you if you want total autonomy to run programs on your schedule.

Supported Delivery

  • Have a team of in-house or partner facilitators already working with your target population? Supported delivery takes the burden off your team of running any simulation technology. Insight Experience provides annotated materials to help your facilitators be successful. Supported delivery may be right for you if your target audience has developed strong connections to an existing program facilitator.

Learn how robust facilitation can improve your leadership development

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