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Insight 2 Go

Support your leaders' continuous development using simulation-based microlearning.

Empower learning anywhere, anytime.

Insight 2 Go is a microlearning leadership simulation experience, typically including three or four rapid-cycle decision responses to a relatable business situation. Learners engage in concept learning, context-building, and decision-making and are rewarded with appropriate feedback, metric outcomes, and a medal. A deeper understanding of the content and situation, combined with adoption of desired behaviors, results in stronger outcomes for the learner.

Each Insight 2 Go Features:

Strategy into Goals

Hands-on, relevant business scenarios.

A learning design of 10-15 minutes that is responsive on any device.

The connecting of leadership ideas to business results.

Additional learning resources and replayability.

The Learner Experience

Insight 2 Go is accessible from any device, enabling learning for someone who might be accessing modules during a commute or lunch break. Your customized Insight 2 Go suite will appear on a landing page that engages learners with their scores and a leaderboard. Users begin the short-form experience by accessing “investigations,” familiarizing themselves with the metaphorical situation, business context, metrics, and learning theory to support decision-making. They then enter a decision-making phase, responding to several decision prompts and answering the question: What would you doUsers receive feedback in real time after each decision and receive a medal at the end of the experience based on their performance. 

Connecting Leadership Ideas to Business Results

The micro-experience culminates with specific feedback for each decision made, business metric outcomes, and a medal awarded based on performance.

Leaderboards with comparative rankings can be activated to create friendly competition among colleagues. A repository of additional learning resources and the ability to replay the simulation lead to more sustainable behavior change.


Organizational Feedback

Insight 2 Go offers the unique opportunity for L&D leaders to review learner-outcome data over time. Use the Manager’s Dashboard to track usage and see performance data for your leaders. In addition to knowing if a population has viewed or completed the ongoing learning, you can better understand how learners are approaching situations and if desired behavioral modification is occurring over time. These insights can inform your future learning experiences and provide input for executives.

Learning Reinforcement

Many of our Insight 2 Go offerings reinforce one or more key concepts taught in a formal learning program. Our clients use a series of them to roll out reinforcement over the weeks or months following a program. Each microlearning experience is bolstered by a repository of additional articles, blog posts, and videos to deepen learning and engagement about the topic.


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Empower Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Are you ready to support your leaders' continuous learning using microlearning?