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Developing New Leaders

Helping new leaders need to transition from contributing individually to achieving results through others.

Leadership Foundations

Taking the step to becoming a frontline leader can be a jarring experience. For many high-preforming individuals, this is the firt experience they have in decision making, delegating, and aligning a team. Our Leadership Foundations business simulation and leadership development program enable new leaders to practice leadership skills in a risk-free environment, to cultivate their abilities, and to develop a perspective that will allow them to drive success.

In a Leadership Foundations leadership development program, leaders learn:

Communicate How to deliver results through a team with the mindset of a leader.
Coaching Team Members How to lead members of a team based on their individual needs while still seeing the big picture.
Impact How to engage stakeholders and communicate strategically across the organization.
Results How to develop strategic thinking skills that are applicable to new leaders.

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