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Developing New Leaders

Help new leaders transition from contributing individually to achieving results through others.

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Developing New Leaders

Strong performers are often promoted to their first management role for superior technical skills and ability to drive results, but they may not have people or organizational leadership experience.  Our Developing New Leaders leadership development program and business simulation enable new leaders to practice leadership skills in a risk-free environment, to cultivate their abilities, and to develop a perspective that will allow them to drive success. This program is for new leaders with or without direct reports. 

Developing New Leaders Product Information

In a Developing New Leaders leadership development program, leaders learn to:

Communicate Deliver results through a team with the mindset of a leader.
Coaching Team Members Lead members of a team based on their individual needs while still seeing the big picture.
Impact Engage stakeholders and communicate strategically across the organization.
Results Develop strategic thinking skills that are applicable to new leaders.
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Sample Program Agenda

Developing New Leaders Leadership Development Program

This program can be delivered over 4 days or 4 hours, virtually or in person. Whatever your ideal program flow or calendar constraints, a Developing New Leaders program can be customized for your needs.

At Insight Experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to partner and customize our offerings to meet your learning objectives.

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Ready to Develop Amazing New Leaders?

We are ready to give your new leaders an immersive learning experience that will prepare them for long-term success.

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