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A repository of information to help your leadership development efforts, show the impact of our simulations, and share our expertise.

Leadership Development & Business Simulations


The Leadership Journey

The Leadership Pipeline (Charan, Drotter, and Noel) outlines the six major turns, events, or passages in a leader’s career. Insight Experience’s offerings empower leaders in navigating each turn. Learn how our offerings align with the Leadership Pipeline. 
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What Leaders Learn During a Business Simulation – Infographic

Two common questions answered: "What" and "how" leaders learn during a business simulation.
Leadership Development Program

Top 6 Steps to Achieve Meaningful Impact from Your Leadership Development Program

Want to squeeze the most value out of your leadership development program? Read this guide on the top six steps for maximizing your program before you begin.
Coaching Model and Checklist

TOPS Coaching Model™ and Checklist

Improve your coaching conversations with this four-step model for what to discuss. The additional checklist includes thoughtful questions to help you prepare.
Business Simulations for Leadership Development

Business Simulations for Leadership Development — Download

Evaluate a business simulation for leadership development: Six key areas to consider. Download this white paper today.
Innovation Skills with a Business Simulation

How to Increase Innovation Skills with a Business Simulation

Six ways business leaders can practice and increase innovation skills during a business simulation.

Time Allocation Activity — Download

Tracking how you actually spend your time is a critical step toward regaining control of your calendar. This activity will give you the tools you need to do just that. 

Maximizing Your ROI from Leadership Simulations

Developing Talent for Organizational Results: Training Tools from the Best in the Field, published in 2012 and edited by Elaine Biech, shares the wisdom and practical advice of business leaders discussing best practices for increasing organizational effectiveness. Insight Experience contributed a chapter on maximizing your business simulation ROI. 

Leading Organizations

Balancing Leadership Assessment

Balancing Leadership™ Assessment

Are you a balanced leader? Use this tool to assess where you gravitate naturally and where you need to intentionally balance your leadership skills.
Balancing Leadership White Paper

Balancing Leadership™ White Paper

Examines three critical dimensions balanced leaders pay attention to in order to deliver results more consistently and effectively than their peers.
Decision Leadership Guide

Decision Leadership™ Guide

Use the Decision Leadership™ Guide to consider a decision you face and to evaluate your leadership. Examines four roles and the behaviors that leaders demonstrate in each role.

What is Balancing Leadership™?

Improving Business Acumen

Financial Acumen 101 Quiz

Financial Acumen 101 Quiz

Understanding financial principles and concepts are essential to making informed decisions as a leader. This test takes less than 10 minutes and helps evaluate your financial acumen knowledge.
Financial Literacy Infographic

Financial Literacy Infographic

Three common financial reports — in an easy-to-interpret format — that every person in business should know.

Executing Strategy

Strategic Communication Checklist

Download the Strategic Communication Checklist

Checklist of more than 25 questions to help leaders improve the effectiveness of their strategic communication.

Developing New Leaders

New Leader SlideShare

New Leader — SlideShare

Take a deeper dive into actionable ways leaders can implement and understand strategy, regardless of tenure.
Practice Leadership Scenarios

Practice Leadership Scenarios

Two of your direct reports are struggling. What is your approach in coaching Rose? What is your approach in coaching Ingrid?

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