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Improving Business Acumen

Improve and apply business and financial acumen skills to improve decision making and deliver results.

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Business Acumen for Leaders

Our Business Acumen for Leaders approach is rooted in the idea of strategic finance: developing leaders' financial literacy to understand and utilize reports and metrics. These critical core competencies enable data-driven decision making.

Improving Business Acumen Product Information

Our Business Acumen leadership development program:

Financial Analysis Developing business and financial acumen to understand how decisions impact profitability, cash flow and asset utilization.
Understanding Learning why business acumen is important when reviewing key financial reports and metrics such as the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
Differentiate Between Data and Assumptions Identifying and considering critical financial questions before making strategic decisions and investment choices.
Grow an Organization Applying the output of investment analysis tools and measures to real-life scenarios utilizing the business acumen skills developed throughout the simulation.
Shareholder Value Understanding how leadership and financial decisions impact shareholder value

“Financial results are the outcome of great leadership.”

- Ned Wasniewski

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Dealer Management Simulation

Dealership-based leaders must understand financial concepts, executing dealer strategies and plans, and honing the leadership skills needed to improve dealership performance.


In the Dealer Management Simulation, leaders learn how to:

  • Improve dealership profitability.
  • Better manage and utilize dealership assets.
  • Increase dealership cash flow.
  • Use key financial metrics to monitor and manage results.
  • Use financial analysis tools to recommend investments for their dealerships.
  • Increase their leadership impact to increase employee engagement.
  • Increase shareholder value for their dealerships.

Sample Program Agenda

Dealer Management Simulation Program

This leadership development program can be delivered over multiple consecutive days, or split into smaller intensive sessions. Whether virtually, or in a traditional classroom setting, business acumen is a critical skill. At IE, programs can be customized to fit your business challenges and learning needs. At Insight Experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to partner and customize our offerings to meet your learning objectives.



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Creates an understanding of financial reporting and market dynamics as well as an ability to apply that knowledge to a role and operating decisions that create financial impact.


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Operating managers have a direct impact on both cash flow and profitability. They make day-to-day decisions that can greatly impact both. Yet, despite expertise in their respective fields, many managers don’t understand the difference between profitability and cash flow or how their decisions impact either.


Need a Deeper Understanding of Financial Concepts and Tools?

Find out how our business acumen simulations can give your leaders the financial skills and knowledge necessary to take your company to the next level of success.

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