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Flexible Delivery

Flexible Delivery

Bringing leadership development to your team wherever they're located.

Delivery Options

At Insight Experience, we specialize in customizing the learning experience to meet client needs. Our programs are effective in a wide range of formats, be it a virtual program, a large audience, extended delivery over many months, or compressed programs over a single day.

Wondering what questions you should be asking about program design?

Virtual in Practice

Virtual in Practice

Convenient. Effective. Engaging.

Leaders need an experience that is as effective online as it is in person, an experience that inspires learner and team engagement and fosters collaboration at both a peer and an organizational level. Our virtual leadership development programs do this in a flexible, efficient, and tailored manner in order to meet your organization's unique needs.

Thoughtfully designed virtual business simulations not only remove the physical barriers from learning, but they also accelerate results.

These programs allow you to:

Features Teachings

Customize development programs to reflect real-life scenarios and issues that address key learning opportunities.
Business Acumen Operate

Provide learning through manageable, bite-sized content modules in real time or at the learner's convenience.
Clients Quotes Technology

Keep your leaders engaged through creative and inspiring online experiential learning.
Clients Quotes Life Sciences

Select the most appropriate and effective virtual format for your program and audience.
Features Compare

Connect your leaders across geographies, using platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and more.
Features Compress Time

Keep training and development on-track, despite travel restrictions, budget restrictions, and remote workers.

Designing for Scale

Our high-impact business simulations can reach large groups through an engaging approach designed around your group’s schedule and needs.

Consider scalable simulations for:

Large team training

Large team training for full organizations, functional or mixed leadership teams.
Short cycle development sessions

Short-cycle development sessions, including one day or less.

Sample Program Agenda

Flexible Experiential Learning Programs

Virtual programs have created new opportunities for leadership development and continued learning — without the traditional barriers of physical travel, hotels, and other hassles.

At Insight Experience, we pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to designing virtual programs to fit the needs of our clients. Whether spread across many weeks in bite-sized content modules or in extended multiday virtual sessions, we're comfortable aligning to any format on any virtual learning platform.

More Flexible Delivery Resources

Business Simulations in a Virtual Setting

Business Simulations in a Virtual Setting

The combination of experiential learning and collaborative exercises in which individuals connect and interact make business simulations the perfect solution for a virtual leadership development experience. Business simulations have eight key elements that make them effective in the virtual setting, as they drive interaction and create opportunities for feedback and reflection.
A Business Simulation in 4 Hours

A Business Simulation in Four Hours

Our Insight Experience business simulations can be tailored to work across multiple weeks or days — or can even be as brief as four hours. Read about how we worked with a global manufacturing industry leader to pull off such a  fast-paced simulation. 
Customize your Leadership Development

4 Simple Ways to Customize your Leadership Development

Customized leadership development inherently has a higher impact on leaders and organizational results. Because tailored learning can be closely connected to the challenges a business faces or the environment in which it operates, leaders can see the value of putting a leadership program’s ideas into practice.

Looking for a flexible solution?

Let us know about your unique training and development challenges. We can help.