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Why Use a Business Simulation

Business simulations enable leaders to learn about themselves through experience and feedback and to see the impact of their actions over time.

Integrative Learning

Learners learn through experience, engagement, and reflection. By presenting multidimensional business challenges that encourage leaders to consider situations from multiple perspectives, Insight Experience simulations create the space for all three of these elements. Leaders learn from the opportunity to pause, discuss, and decide on intentional actions.

Participants can see both pitfalls and “best approach” choices. They can practice behaviors and see the impact of their actions in rapidly telescoped time.


Why Use a Business Simulation?

People learn by making connections between actions and outcomes in the context of their organization. Business simulations provide hands-on experience while allowing participants to make risk-free choices in a controlled environment. The result is not just learning; it is a deeper understanding about both why the learning is important and how to implement it back on the job. Business simulations are interactive, memorable, and highly effective.

Business simulations are active, engaging, and group-based

Business simulations are active, engaging, and group-based. 

Business simulations are revealing and thought-provoking. 

Business simulations allow leaders to receive meaningful and timely feedback on decisions and communication. 

Business simulations are an opportunity to energize your leaders and their networks. 

Business Simulation Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about Insight Experience business simulations answered! 


What Leaders Learn in a Business Simulation

Wondering what exactly leaders learn through a business simulation experience? Have a look. Through a combination of new ideas, mindsets, and insights — as well as thoughtful reflections, interactions and feedback — your leaders can tackle learning from an entirely new angle.

What Leaders Learn in a Business Simulation

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