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We create dynamic learning experiences that grow a leader’s skills, relationships, and perspective.

The ART of Leadership Development at Insight Experience

Leadership Development  Insight Experience

Your leaders are as unique as your business, and both deserve a program designed for their needs. Insight Experience programs begin with that in mind. We work hand in hand with you and your organizations to develop a learning experience that fits. Our unique ART methodology starts with finding root causes and blockers for your leaders and organizational success. Together, we craft an experience — through our Artful Design — that integrates focused learning content, a hands-on business simulation experience, and dedicated reflection time to allow leaders to turn their insights into more effective leadership.

The Robust Facilitation of our programs fosters a rich learning experience and prompts participants to see the ties between their leadership behaviors and business outcomes. All the while, the experience is being tied back to your business and leadership challenges (Targeted Connections), and leaders are given actionable ways to improve both their own skills and your organization’s results.

Artful Design

Insight Experience has the capability to partner with our clients to design and develop all aspects of a learning journey.

Our design begins with our clients’ context. With your learning objectives, business situation, and strategic challenges in mind, we bring design creativity and flexible, adaptive technology to build a cost-effective solution. We can tailor existing assets or custom-develop a simulation and learning experience to meet your needs. We design every experience to teach business concepts, highlight leadership best practices, encourage interpersonal feedback, and develop/strengthen networks of relationships.

Artful Design

Robust Facilitation

Insight Experience's expert facilitators guide learners to discover, learn, and apply new ideas.

Our facilitators are seasoned, engaging, and knowledgeable about your business, and they can connect the dots between business concepts and the specific challenges your company faces. With experience across a wide range of business sectors, our facilitators weave powerful leadership lessons into relevant learning, providing big-picture thinking, thoughtful perspectives, and plenty of “aha!" moments. In addition to direct facilitation, we frequently train our clients to facilitate and bring an Insight Experience to life.

Robust Facilitation

Targeted Connections

Connection is the core of effective leadership development, which enables leaders to see new possibilities and, as a result, take action. Those connections come from a broader range of juxtaposed ideas and conversations:

  • Connections across ideas.
  • Connections of causality.
  • Connections to the culture.
  • Connections to opportunity.

Every Insight Experience leadership development program is intentionally designed to enable connections of all types.

Targeted Connections

Perspective on Leadership

Insight Experience believes in the difference great leaders can make to an organization.

We believe that great leadership requires a balance of interpersonal skills (such as, communication, empathy, and energy) and business acumen and analytics. Our simulations and learning experiences challenge leaders to develop their skills in Balancing Leadership™.

We design and develop programs to teach leadership ideas from a wide range of sources (academics; partners; internal client frameworks; and, of course, our own proven leadership content).

Perspective on Leadership

Why Use a Business Simulation

Business simulations provide an environment that allows leaders to practice behaviors, take risks, and cultivate an understanding of how leadership actions and decisions impact business challenges and results. Our simulations are designed to fit your specific business context and are relevant to the day-to-day decisions your leaders make in their jobs.

Why Use a Business Simulation

Global Leadership Awards

We are thrilled to have been the recipient of numerous awards for our global leadership development programs. To read more about our recent awards as well as ones we have garnered over the years, please click below.

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