At Insight Experience, our business simulation-based learning programs are frequently part of larger initiatives. In these cases, we either manage the overall initiative, or work with providers to meet the broader needs of clients. This ability to partner effectively is part of our DNA, and we’re adept at collaborating to create integrated, high-impact learning experiences. Over the past 12 years, we’ve worked with partners whose specialties include:

  • Course design and development
  • Assessment and measurement
  • Executive coaching and action learning
  • Change management and management consulting


Key Partners

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Aperian Global

Aperian Global



Brazilian Management Institute



Center for Leading Organizations


Interaction Associates

Interaction Associates


Mohr Collaborative

MOHR collaborative


Right Management

Right Management ManpowerGroup

Root Inc.

root inc.


Sheppard Moscow

Sheppard Moscow


Zenger Folkman

Zenger | Folkman