Bob Lacatena, Senior Software Architect

Bob is the software architect for the delivery of and technical paradigm surrounding Insight Experience simulations.  His role entails responsibility for the ongoing, successful deployment of simulations to facilitators and customers, as well as improving the designer-facilitator-customer experience in all technical facets of the process.  He is expected to maintain the stability of the business, from an IT perspective, as well as to improve and evolve all aspects of IE’s software, with the goal of positioning IE for more rapid, effective and versatile product development and deployment.

Bob has 45 years of programming experience, 40 of that in a professional capacity.  In those years he has served primarily as an independent consultant, business analyst, developer, software architect, and team leader, but also as a staff manager, IT strategist and most recently CTO for a successful life sciences company.  He has participated in more than two dozen successful software development projects in his career, almost always as the team lead, while at the same time making substantive hands-on contributions in the areas of architecture, coding, documentation, training and deployment.

Previously, Bob worked at GQ Life Sciences and Scholastic Corporation, as well as consulting for a host of other companies.  He earned his B.S. in Computer Science at Northwestern University.  Since then he has engaged in extensive studies of such diverse topics such as computer graphics, software syntax, parsing and compilation, sequence search algorithms, neural networks, and machine learning.
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