Paul Smith, IT Specialist / Software Quality Assurance

Paul Smith is an Information Technology professional with 30 years of experience in the field. Paul started his career in the defense industry working as a Systems Manager, for Textron Specialty Materials, where they made the rocket engine nozzles for the space shuttle out of advanced carbon fiber Composite.  Paul also worked in the telecommunications field with Baynetworks, and Nortel Networks as a Systems Test Engineer, testing carrier class routers.

At Insight Experience Paul works across all departments, and his responsibilities to name a few, include all IT functions such as maintaining the internal network and hardware infrastructure, phone systems, hardware management, software management and installations, technical support for both internal and external customers.  Also, from a software quality standpoint, Paul’s responsibilities include testing all IE software products, to make sure that our software meets excellent quality standards before it is released into the field.

Paul holds an AS degree in computer science from Middlesex Community College. And when not handling an IT issue, or testing software, you will find him playing his Lap steel guitar onstage working as a professional musician, or hiking in the woods with his Alaskan Malmute “Jazz”.
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