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Category Management

Strategic success in every aisle: Category Management excellence unleashed.

Category Management

Category Managers are pivotal in propelling convenience and retail brands forward. Mastery of the six steps of category management, as defined by NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), provides a market advantage. Our Category Management simulation seamlessly integrates into existing training programs, allowing current and future Category Managers to hone essential skills.

Aligned with NACS guidelines, the simulation guides participants in crafting a comprehensive Category Management Plan, practicing strategic translation, formulating tactical recommendations that can be implemented by the retailer, creating a concise presentation, demonstrating expertise in the six steps, and more. 

During the Category Management Simulation, employees learn to:


Translate observations into strategies and tactics for achieving the desired category plan outcome.


Identify and recognize performance opportunities/issues for further analysis.


Formulate key strategies and tactical recommendations implementable by the retailer.


Create a concise presentation of results, opportunities, and recommendations for presentation to other teams, demonstrating expertise.

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