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Developing New Leaders

Collaborative Coaching

Guide your leaders to excellence through tailored group-based coaching.

Collaborative Coaching

Collaborative Coaching is a transformative professional development offering that brings together a select group of five to seven leaders who convene virtually (or in person) every four to six weeks. During these sessions, participants share challenges and experiences, explore innovative ideas in application, and are supported by a dedicated coach to manage the process, ensure accountability, and foster deepened strategic thinking, creating a dynamic space for collective growth and development. With its flexible design, Collaborative Coaching can be independent learning or part of a simulation experience (during or after the simulation training). 

Why Use Collaborative Coaching?


Tailored Leadership Exploration: Participants engage in a personalized journey defined by their unique leadership challenges, fostering targeted and impactful growth.
Coaching Team Members

Business-Focused Reflection: Sessions center on a business-oriented reflective process, encouraging leaders to apply insights gained to real-world scenarios, ensuring practical and tangible outcomes.

Peer-Driven Insights: Leaders benefit from valuable perspectives, insights, and validation from their peers, creating a rich exchange of experiences that enhances decision-making and problem-solving.
Develop strategic thinking skills

Organizational Relationship-Building: The program facilitates the formation of new cross-organizational relationships, promoting collaboration and a broader understanding of diverse perspectives within the company.

Sample Collaborative Coaching Journey


Ready to Engage in Collaborative Coaching?

We are ready to guide your leaders to excellence through tailored coaching.