At Insight Experience, we believe in the power of integrated learning. Outstanding leaders have abilities that go well beyond business acumen and strategic thinking. Those who are most effective also have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. Using this combination of talents, they’re able to establish trust, build loyalty and inspire others to achieve significant business results.

Our tailored business simulations and learning experiences provide a unique, risk-free environment to develop, integrate and apply both business and interpersonal skills – allowing participants to become more responsive, agile and effective leaders in increasingly complex environments. View this video about Leadership where co-founder Nick Noyes illustrates how our simulations create a holistic leader.


At the core of all our solutions is our integrated learning philosophy, comprised of

three powerful principles:


We Learn by Doing

We acquire new skills and behaviors by practicing them and learning from them. Knowledge is translated into new behaviors. As experience grows and the lessons learned are integrated, a new level of mastery is developed.


We Learn from Others

As we interact with others, we learn by observing behaviors, collaborating and exchanging knowledge. Working with peers to solve business challenges introduces new insights and hones the skills needed to interact productively. It also emphasizes the need for leadership, business acumen and interpersonal skills.


We Learn in Context

We learn best in an environment that reflects the relevant tensions and challenges of our work environment. The context of our daily work is shaped by markets, customers, competitors, employees and organizational dynamics. Learning experiences that incorporate these core tensions provide a more realistic, in-depth learning experience.



Powerful Shared Learning Experiences

At Insight Experience, we provide dynamic, group-based learning experiences that enable participants to connect their leadership skills to business results.

Leadership Simulations at Insight Experience
Leadership Simulations at Insight Experience

Watch the video on Leadership to hear co-founder Nick Noyes explain how our business simulations create a holistic leader.