At Insight Experience, we approach our programs and simulations from a business perspective. As a result, our learning experiences focus strongly on impacting bottom-line results. Several unique features help participants achieve this important goal:


Flexible, Customizable Platform

Our product platform adapts easily to a variety of formats (virtual and classroom learning, individual and group experiences, online and paper-based options).


Comprehensive Business Simulation Software Component Library

An extensive collection of business issues, exercises and role-plays enables us to quickly and cost-effectively provide learning experiences to achieve a wide range of learning objectives.


Options for Presenting Results

Our proprietary technology enables participants to see individual results as well as team results.


Broad Range of Decision Structures

Our business simulation software platform enables a wide variety of simulation decisions, including unprompted, open-ended decisions that encourage participants to think out of the box.


Tools that can be applied easily

Sessions include ample time to apply tools to actual work situations. In addition, simulations and program content are available electronically, so participants can share and apply them to real business projects.