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Inclusive Leadership

Avenir Consulting and Insight Experience partner to deepen leaders' understanding of the business value of diversity.


Inclusive Leadership

Avenir Consulting and Insight Experience collaborated to produce a practical and rewarding simulation module that equips leaders with tools to tackle DEI challenges. Leaders learn the foundational pillars of inclusive leadership using the Curiosity, Courage & Collaboration Leadership Model and examine their own existing mental models.

The simulation experience encourages leaders to make consensus decisions in a geographically diverse team, revealing complex dynamics and cultural challenges. Participants engage in challenging dialogues, receive feedback on unconscious biases, and witness a shift towards inclusivity and fairness.

The simulation module is designed to be inserted into existing DEIB initiatives for an additional hands-on component. Avenir and Insight Experience can also design a custom learning program using the simulation, integrating observed role plays and small group discussions to support the simulation experience. This customizable offering creates a unique space for leaders to practice perspective-taking and to safely adopt different behaviors.


In the Inclusive Leadership program, employees learn to:


Enhance inclusive leadership skills through practical experience within a safe environment.


Balance the tensions between attending to individual requirements and fulfilling essential business needs.


Encounter and comprehend common leadership scenarios related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).


Reveal opportunities for continued self-reflection. 


More Resources on Inclusive Leadership


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Ready to elevate your leadership and embrace diversity?

We are ready to enable your leaders to explore their mental models with peers and learn the foundational pillars of inclusive leadership.