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Leading Organizations

Leading Organizations

Expand and deepen your leaders' skills to lead complex organizations and deliver results.

Leading Organizations

Leading an organization means helping teams and businesses thrive — and that is tougher today than it's ever been. Designed for senior leaders and executives, a Leading Organizations leadership development program targets leadership skills and mindsets that enable leaders to confidently set direction, engage employees, make decisions, and tackle workplace challenges. Leading Organizations skills are best developed through practice and feedback from a business simulation.

In our Leading Organizations experiences, leaders learn to:

Business Skills

Run a multifunction business, hands on, and achieve strong results through enhanced financial acumen and people management skills.
Tone and Focus

Improve employee engagement and performance through priority-setting, tone, content of communication, and strategic allocation of their own time across competing business needs.
Company Results

Make operational and organizational decisions that improve customer satisfaction as well as the business's bottom line.
Change Personal Leadership

Work collaboratively with other leaders and give meaningful feedback that enhances their skills, as well as the performance of others.
Change Management

Foster cross-team collaboration and respond effectively to crisis and unexpected change.

Some of our favorite quotes and feedback we've received after a program:

Our Perspective on Leading Organizations

 Unexpected Results

The Unexpected Results from Highly Effective Leadership Development

Leadership development is not about the tools, models, or academics. Effective leadership development provides actionable insight. It provides ideas that affect leaders’ behaviors and interactions and drives different business results.
Leading in Crisis

Leading in Crisis

How we each behave as leaders in these moments of fear and uncertainty, when our most basic human instincts crowd in, will be remembered long after the crisis is past. Like it or not, this will be part of your leadership legacy, so carefully consider the choices you make.
Accelerate your Leadership

Accelerate your Leadership

There are three critical dimensions that balanced leaders pay attention to in order to mobilize teams, focus on the future, and deliver results more consistently and effectively than their peers.

Sample Program Agenda

Leading Organizations Program

Leading Organizations can be delivered across multiple sessions in a window as short as a few days or as wide a time frame as several months. It depends on your objectives and preferences.

Whether taught virtually or in a traditional classroom setting, Leading Organizations is customized to fit your specific needs. At Insight Experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to partner and customize our offerings to meet your learning objectives.

Seeking to Develop Your Company's Organizational Leadership?

Our simulations enable your leaders to learn quickly, experience the results firsthand, and rapidly apply their insights back on the job.