Simulation Features and Benefits

Business simulations teach leadership skills, shift mindsets and provide understanding that you can’t find through theory alone.

Features and Benefits of Simulation-Based Learning

Business simulations take place in a small group setting that challenges leaders by giving them the opportunity to practice and take risks so they can learn by doing and in the context of your business.


Simulation-based learning features and benefits:

Compression of time icon Compression of time to show cause-and-effect patterns that would take months or even years to learn otherwise.
Apply teachings icon Replicates the dynamics of your business allowing leaders to apply the teachings back on the job quickly.
Leadership decisions and actions icon A program that allows managers to experience and see the impact of their leadership decisions and actions.
Risk free environment icon A risk-free environment that allows leaders to show their true working style.
Reflect icon Expert facilitators that bring the breadth of their skill and variety of backgrounds to ensure participants understand and reflect on what they are learning.
Comparative icon Comparative or competitive settings where multiple teams are working through the same simulated scenario, letting participants compare and challenge their decisions and the outcomes.

The Power of Simulations for Leaders

People learn by doing and reflecting in the context of their company. Simulations provide experience and context while allowing participants to learn from their success and failures in a safe environment.

Tailored to your business

Tailored to Your Business

We tailor each simulation to your business needs and context. We want your leaders to learn through an experience that mirrors the situation your company is facing. Our experts work with you to tailor or create custom programs just for you. 

Experiential Learning

Our leadership development philosophy centers around a belief in experiential learning, one of the most efficient and effective methods for leaders to retain newly developed skills.

In our checklist, we outline some of the most important objectives a leadership development program should have, and how experiential learning meets goals

We highly encourage anyone interested in exploring the benefits of an experiential learning approach to download our checklist by submitting the form below.

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