Powerful shared learning experiences

At Insight Experience, we provide dynamic, group-based experiential learning experiences that enable participants to connect their leadership skills to business results. Pioneers in the integration of advanced business simulation design and experiential teaching methods, we help people master both the business acumen and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. Insight Experience provides:

  • Customizable experiences ranging from virtual business simulation modules to comprehensive, multi-day workshops and ongoing programs
  • Offerings for every level, from new managers, to mid-level leaders, to executives
  • Years of experience across a wide range of industries


Solutions that take “learning by doing” to the next level

Our engaging, multi-faceted offerings integrate simulation decision-making, presentations, structured exercises and character interactions to reinforce key learning points. Participants work together to digest information, assess situations, resolve challenges and make multiple rounds of decisions with different levels of risk. They then reflect on their results and adapt their choices. By working in a condensed timeframe and actively practicing their skills, participants are able to experience cause and effect, evaluate complex trade-offs and explore interpersonal dynamics in order to build their leadership skills – all in a supportive, risk-free environment.


Areas of Focus

Our solutions address a variety of business challenges, including:

Strategy Execution
Business Acumen
Balanced Leadership
New Leaders