Balanced Leadership Simulation

Larger and more complex than ever, today’s organizations require leaders who possess more than general business acumen. Successful leaders at every level must have exemplary communication and interpersonal skills as well as technical and financial capabilities. Whether managing a multi-functional team, or trying to coordinate a cross-geography business unit, leaders must be able to see the big picture, understand interdependencies across boundaries, and communicate and manage in a way that engages and motivates others.

The Organizational Leadership Simulationfocused on leadership behaviors & business acumen, challenges participants to integrate hard (financial) and soft (interpersonal) skills to deliver results. It incorporates a range of employee characters and business dynamics to create realistic organizational tensions. This experience challenges leaders to reflect upon how their personal leadership abilities drive business results.


Leadership Development & Business Training Offerings

Organizational Leadership Simulation

The Organizational Leadership Business Simulation is a 1- to 2-day business simulation that helps participants connect personal leadership actions to actual business results.


Achieving Balanced Leadership

The Achieving Balanced Leadership Program is a 3 day experience that helps leaders build strategy, communication and leadership skills to accelerate business performance.


Collaborative Leadership Simulation

The team-based Collaborative Leadership Simulation challenges participants to make independent and interdependent decisions across a matrix organization.


Global Leadership Simulation

The Global Leadership Business Simulation teaches the skills needed to work across boundaries and make decisions based on a global, corporate perspective.


Custom Options

At Insight Experience, we frequently create custom programs and simulations to fit the specific needs of our clients.