Simulations can be a powerful tool to implement organizational change. At Insight Experience, our practical business experience and proprietary simulation platforms enable us to create exceptional custom learning experiences for our clients. Common challenges that may benefit from a custom solution include:

  • Role or process-specific training
  • Implementing strategic change
  • Developing leadership skills around a critical process

To learn more about how our custom programs are developed, visit our process page.


Sample Custom Business Simulation Programs

Our custom business simulation programs have successfully helped companies solve a variety of challenges, including:


Communicating a New Process

A consumer products company introduced a new process in 23 countries.


Teaching New Behaviors & Decision Making

An oil and gas company continues to use our custom simulation after rolling it out to 6000 leaders worldwide.


Accelerating Change Implementation

A global pharmaceutical company helped teams operate more effectively.


Implementing a Different Strategy

A rapidly growing retailer engaged leaders nationwide and increased revenue.


Improving Profitability

A global heavy equipment manufacturer held programs worldwide and improved financial results.