Executing Leadership Strategy

Business strategy is formulated and executed at all levels in today’’s organizations. It is the role of leaders to translate higher-level strategy into actions for themselves and their teams. To be successful, leaders need to expand their strategic insights, think from a broad organizational perspective and align people, projects and decisions. They need to understand how individual decisions impact overall business performance.

Insight Experience business simulations are an ideal environment to learn and practice the skills required to execute strategy. Leaders gain insight into the effect of decisions over time, practice critical collaboration and communication skills and see the impact of their leadership on their teams and business results.

By participating in a simulation learning experience focused on strategy execution, leaders are better able to:

  • accelerate strategy implementation
  • engage stakeholders across the enterprise
  • identify opportunity in market, customer and competitor dynamics
  • lead teams more effectively with clear accountability and roles
  • balance a strategic and operational perspective
  • think broadly about their actions



Strategy Execution Skills Program

The Strategy Execution Program is a 3-day workshop that enables participants to strengthen skills needed to effectively set direction, communicate strategy, make complex decisions and drive accountability.


Strategic Insights Simulation

A 1.5- to 2-day business simulation that creates a complex multi-market, multi-function general management business challenge and can be used to teach strategy formulation, competitive analysis, strategy execution and leadership.


Strategy Execution Simulation

The Strategy Execution Simulation is a 2-day business simulation that builds skills needed to translate strategy into organizational action through the effective allocation of resources, management of talent, and leadership of a portfolio of initiatives.


Delivering Innovation Simulation

A 1.5- to 2-day simulation experience that develops the leadership skills and perspective needed to manage innovative ideas from concept to execution. This simulation focuses on aligning innovation with customer needs; identifying and managing risk; approaching execution with a learning mindset; and adapting and evolving ideas at each stage of the innovation cycle.