Software Quality Assurance Contractor


Job Summary

Based in Concord Massachusetts, Insight Experience is a leadership development company who deliver accelerated, Team based leadership programs worldwide to an impressive list of highly respected companies around the world.  We have developed our own simulation software, which is currently undergoing an extensive UI upgrade, transitioning from Flash to Google Web Tools. 

To meet the demands of our testing schedule, we are seeking a qualified QA consultant, to complement our QA department in writing and executing Test Plans across multiple product lines to achieve our principal objective of delivering a fully tested quality product to our customers.

Desired Outcomes

  • Attention to detail
  • Rigorous approach to testing
  • Work under pressure and deadlines
  • Perform unit/integrated/functional/regression testing in software applications
  • Partner with application designer to create a test plan and execute the test plan
  • Clearly communicate with the business
  • Identify scenarios in testing that will help reveal faulty code
  • Nice to have: Anticipate problems in the software functionality that arise from the design or development (including those that may not be obvious)


  • 2+ years experience in a quality assurance role
  • Experience using web applications
  • Experience using Microsoft Windows (testing will be conducted using a PC/Windows, not a Mac)
  • Nice to have: Experience using browser development tools to identify issues
  • Flexibility to work around project deadlines