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Strategic Finance

Understanding financial concepts, reports and metrics are critical to enhancing a leader’s ability to make informed and effective decisions.

Strategic Finance is about:

Financial Analysis Understanding how decisions impact profitability, cash flow and asset utilization.
Understanding Experiencing the interdependencies of key financial reports and metrics among the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
Differentiate Between Data and Assumptions Identifying and considering critical financial questions before making strategic decisions and investment choices.
Grow an Organization Applying the output of investment analysis tools and measures such as Net Present Value, ROI (Return on Investment), break even analysis, and Internal Rate of Return.
Shareholder Value Understanding how decisions impact shareholder value.

“Financial results are the outcome of great leadership.”

- Ned Wasniewski

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Dealer Management Simulation

Dealership-based leaders must understand financial concepts, executing dealer strategies and plans, and honing the leadership skills needed to improve dealership performance.

In the Dealer Management Simulation, leaders learn how to:

  • Improve dealership profitability.
  • Better manage and utilize dealership assets.
  • Increase dealership cash flow.
  • Use key financial metrics to monitor and manage results.
  • Use financial analysis tools to recommend investments for their dealerships.
  • Increase their leadership impact to increase employee engagement.
  • Increase shareholder value for their dealerships.

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